Creative Commons and GPL

“Copyright law has got to give up its obsession with ‘the copy.’ The law should not regulate ‘copies’ or ‘modern reproductions’ on their own. It should instead regulate uses–like public distributions of copies of copyrighted work–that connect directly to the economic incentive copyright law was intended to foster.” ― Lawrence Lessig, Remix: Making Art and … More Creative Commons and GPL

Text Visualisation: Getting Intimate with Trump

For my final assignment for Digital Humanities this year I have been asked to use text visualisation tools to see what I can find from a text of my choosing. For this assignment I have chosen to compare Donald Trumps presidential candidacy speech (2015) with President Obamas (2007), with focus on Trump. The questions which … More Text Visualisation: Getting Intimate with Trump

Open Street Map

  This assignment focuses on spatial humanities, primarily the open street map tool. Open Street map (OSM) is a tool that can be used in lieu of other more popular online map choices. The main unique selling point of OSM is that it is user generated. This means all the maps on OSM are generated … More Open Street Map


Last week Rachael, Joseph and I made a presentation for one of our Digital Humanities modules. The presentation had to be on an open access resources so we chose to focus on hashtags. In this blog post I want to go over what exactly we focused on and expand on some of the points that … More #Hashtags