‘Blank State’ – Making an Interactive Sotry



The above is the link to the game myself and Conal Hanamy have made for Digital Humanities over the past few weeks.


When deciding on what kind of story to write we were attracted to a Black Mirror-esque tale. I suggested having an Orwellian theme throughout the story because in essence we wanted the character to be a renegade who is now being repeatedly tested on by the government. Littered through the game are George Orwell, Alduous Huxley and a little bit of Margaret Atwood. These great dystopian writers greatly influenced my part of the writing in the game, and I made heavy use of the terms ‘2+2=5’ and ‘Newspeak’. I hope that the player has dark impressions as they leave the game with these reminders. I didn’t want this game to plagiarize or mimic, but to remind. When I thought of the story I wanted you to be reminded of how many of these themes in those great books have already come to light – all around the world. The character we created is vessel for this message. We don’t see any of his personality really, because in this state personality doesn’t matter.  

I had a lot of fun making this game and this application is one I’d use again in a heartbeat.






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