Black Mirror – Ethics and Technology

Still from Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Nosedive’

In a world where car insurers are basing your premium on your Facebook posts I think it’s important to reflect on humans and technology once in a while. Luckily we don’t need to wonder too much about what the future may have in store as Charlie Brooker seems to have already laid out our potential paths.

Black Mirror Season 3 came out a few weeks ago and I’ve seen it all already. I would not recommend binge watching this show because you might easily decide to reject the modern life you are living and  flee to a mountaintop cave. Luckily for you all I just about managed to fight through my now instilled fear of technology and dragged myself to the computer in order to warn you all.

Black Mirror – as the name suggests – holds a mirror up to possible futures we may face as a species, each intertwined with technology in a  very dark way. The series is a warning. It reminds us to be careful as we become more dependent on technology in every facet of our lives. It is, in mine and many peoples views an ingenious work of art. Each episode is anthological and tells a new tale, with new characters and a new idea.

In the episode which the still above is taken from for instance, people are vying for rankings in a super vain social-media centered world. Every interaction you have with someone means you can be rated. So you better be on your best behaviour at all times, because if you fall below a 3.something – you’re an outsider. The pastel beauty of the world in this episode is a perfect backdrop for watching a woman desperately try to portray her life as #goals worthy as possible. You don’t need me to tell you that technology is starting to define the way we live our lives. Are you reading this on your phone or your tablet? Would you share this with your followers if you thought it was good enough? Isn’t that simply just seeking easy validation from others, if all you want are the likes and online attention that accompany a clever share, as a lot of people do. What if your followers could rate how great they thought your share was? What if your aggregate score transferred over into real life and determined what class you could fly in airplanes and how long you had to wait in queues. What if they aggregated your score and it changed your insurance premium? Hmmm..


3 thoughts on “Black Mirror – Ethics and Technology

  1. Scarily enough, I read that China is actually on the verge of developing a rating system for their citizens.. Would you be interested in sharing your ‘tech talks’ and random bits with our readers on I really like the things you’re talking about here!


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